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This website is an Official Rebates Provider of IC Markets. Our website provides instant rebates saving for an existing and newly made account within the platform. To join the rebate program, Australian traders must sign up and open an account using one of our partner links.

Once done, the IC markets rebate discount we offer will save you on the forex trading fee for a lifetime. Some people have used this opportunity successfully. Therefore, click here to start your ECN account today.

Note: If you are from Europe, make sure you have contacted the IC markets support at support@icmarkets.com to verify that the ECN is available to register.

About the Australian Trader Rebates Program

For all new accounts you open in IC Market through us, your account will save 21% of the ECN commission fee each time you trade forex. You can use this IC Markets discount rebates instantly. Whether you use Metatrader or Ctrader account, it works!

For example, a regular ECN transaction costs you $7 fee for each 1.00 lot. With the rebates we offer, you only pay for $5.5 each lot.

Why Choose the IC Markets Discount Broker

The answer is simple. Without a working discount rebate, the platform will charge you more. It results in a smaller profit you might get from each trade.

IC Markets charge you a fee because it is an online Forex and CFD broker. In other words, it is a company that acts as a financial intermediary so that any user can develop a trading activity. Therefore, everyone can trade in the foreign exchange market or other financial instruments through CFDs (contracts for differences).

It is an Australian broker, which means that its regulation is outside the European Union. One positive aspect is that IC Markets has more than a decade of experience in brokerage services.

IC Markets: ASIC Regulated Broker

The characteristic of IC Markets is that it focuses its services on very short-term traders (scalpers and day traders). It implies that this broker allows trading strategies such as scalping, hedging, and automatic trading system.

To achieve its commercial objectives, it offers adapted trading platforms and adequate connectivity (low latency) to meet maximum speed in the execution of its clients’ trading orders.

The high speed of execution and the ability to offer low spreads are one of its main strengths. Its service and its reliability are the best points.

The reviews made by users, in general, is positive (76% excellent), as we can see in the Trustpilot portal.

Its way of working is purely reduced to intermediation. It is an ECN (Electronic Communication Network) broker, which means that it does not act as a counterpart to the trader. It simply puts buyers and sellers in contact, offering the best price according to liquidity providers and existing market conditions.

The accounts that IC Markets makes available are the following:

Raw Spread Account

This type of account is characterized by offering the lowest spreads available. On the contrary, a fixed commission of $ 3.50 has to be paid for each lot traded (it would be a total of $ 7 per operation, $ 3.50 to open a position, and another 3.50 to close it).

This account allows the operation with the MetaTrader platform (either 4 or 5), in any of the versions previously seen (WebTrader or mobile app).

Raw cTrader account

The cTrader Raw account is practically the same as the previous one, except that, in this case, the trading platform is cTrader. Besides, the fixed commission varies slightly and stands at $ 3.0 per traded lot (it would be about $ 6 if we take into account the opening and closing fees for the position).

IC Markets is characterized by the speed it offers when executing trading orders. However, when working with the cTrader platform, you get a higher agility bonus.

Standard Account

This account removes the fixed commission and starts to charge a slightly higher variable spread. However, the spreads that this online broker can offer are really low, as it is a pure brokerage service (ECN).

Specifically, spreads can be from 1 pip, depending on the liquidity of the market in which it operates.

This account is available to be used through the MetaTrader 4 and 5 platform (in any version).

Islamic Account

Islamic accounts differ from the rest by not having a swap commission (also called a night premium).

Islamic laws (Sharia Law) prohibit the collection of interest. For this reason, it is replaced by other types of conditions.

In this case, the fees charged for operating in the market are raised, in consideration for suppressing the night premium. Financial instruments to work are also reduced in the Islamic account.

Demo account

Many financial intermediaries offer their clients the possibility to test their trading platforms and trading conditions in a trading simulator. In other words: by opening a trading account with a fictitious capital. These are the so-called demo accounts, and IC Markets allows you to open one of them.

The IC Markets demo account is simple, free, and fast to open; for unlimited time and offers the operator a virtual capital of between 200 and 5,000,000 dollars (at the trader’s choice) to test the platforms, the conditions of the broker and trading strategies.

The demo account represents a great tool to test a broker and see if it fits the ones we are looking for without putting our money at risk.

Final Thoughts

On IC Markets, you can trade:

  • Forex (more than 60 currency pairs are available).
  • Raw materials (energy, precious metals, and agricultural products).
  • Indices (leading world stock indices, including the Ibex 35).
  • Bonds (CFDs on different Public Debt securities issued by various States).
  • Cryptocurrencies (Main cryptocurrencies, according to their popularity and market capitalization).
  • Shares (a wide range of securities belonging to the most popular companies in the world).
  • Futures (Invest through CFDs in the futures market on different financial instruments)

By applying the IC market rebate discount, you will surely pay less fees and make more profit!